The best option |

The best option

The modified-direct alignment is the key to our future for transit, for safety and for ending gridlock.

A vote for the S-curves closes the door on transit improvement, stacks traffic to the Jerome and the airport and treats our guests and workers as problems to be excluded.

The modified-direct allows us to plan for rail, bus or other transit as the need arises.

The modified-direct allows the 40,000 daily users to enter and leave town without stopping and starting, braking and accelerating, bumping and crawling for 20 minutes a day. The S-curves alignment did not prevent a new traffic record from being set last July 4 and does not reduce the pollution of idling cars.

The way we regard the 40,000 who use the entrance day will be reflected in our vote. Is the message that the wants of a handful are more important than the needs of our guests, workers and Aspen citizens who must use the entrance every day?

We can eliminate the tunnel, but the S-curves are as good as they are going to get.

Aspen can take the lead and provide the transit-friendly, safe and environmentally sound corridor we promised ourselves and the valley. Or we can continue to hope that traffic will go away if we pretend there is no problem.

The modified-direct alignment can be built with or without the cut-and-cover tunnel and the state will foot the bill. Any improvements to the S-curves will be paid for by Aspenites alone.

There isn’t one factual argument in support of the S-curves ? just emotional hype. We can document everything we say. Everything.

Please vote Tuesday, Nov. 5, for the modified-direct alignment (City Question 2E; County Question 1C).

Tom McCabe

Aspen City Councilman

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