The Best of the Best

May Eynon

Aspen Magazine released its most recent issue, “The Best of Aspen,” with a party in the lobby lounge at The St. Regis Hotel in late January.

Celebrating the “Best of Aspen” and the Midwinter 2003 issue of Aspen Magazine, guests gathered for “the best appetizers, the best cocktails, and the best fun.”

Sponsored in part by the St. Regis, Belvedere vodka, Chopin vodka and Elk Mountain Motors, the event was a sensational way to spend a winter evening.

In their 29th annual look at the best and brightest as well as the worst and most worrisome aspects of Aspen, the staff of the popular mag makes waves with their raves.

“This is such a fun issue and such a fun time of year,” said Editor in Chief Janet O’Grady. “We felt a little naughty and wicked, but all in good fun. We try to keep the irreverence of Aspen alive.”

“We acknowledged not only the best of the best, but also people who were notable throughout the year,” said Dana Butler, Aspen Magazine managing editor.

The venue proved to be an inviting setting, with the party flowing from the front door to the bar, on both sides of the fire and beside the piano.

Jazz pianist Ricardo entertained the crowd with his tunes. Guest Eloise Fontaine enjoyed the tone set by Ricardo as he performed his jazz standards.

“This has been a delightful soiree,” she stated. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the hors d’oeuvres, the conversation, the music and the atmosphere. I can’t wait to read the magazine.”

Happy to host the event at the hotel, Rob Henderson, director of sales and marketing, concurred with Grant Barrette, director of catering and conference services that the St. Regis is “the party place.”

Among the guests were recipients of awards or honorable mentions in the magazine. Additionally, there were plenty of hopefuls seeking acknowledgement in future issues.

“Perhaps we’ll be the best design studio for 2004,” said Bryan Gonzales and Bryan Welker, partners in the newly formed Basalt firm “The Design Studio.”