The benefits are priceless |

The benefits are priceless

Dear Editor:

We humans are at our best setting thoughtful and effective examples through our actions. In the interest of being leaders in environmental cleanup in Aspen, I want to suggest a step in that direction.

In my yard I had the aphid scourge about a month ago. One strategy is to spray pesticide. Instead I chose to release ladybugs in my yard and my neighbor’s. I bought my first ladybug group from Planted Earth and also ordered bugs online. It is more expensive to order online, as they must be shipped by one- or two-day air, so buy locally if available. A month later, I don’t see any aphids in my yard. I also have some aspen trees, maple trees and a pine tree or two with health issues. I know I can fertilize, apply pesticide or use a chemical treatment. I chose an alternative.

My neighbor introduced me to Forestry Solutions. My trees were all treated with a deep-root application that allows the trees to build stronger roots and access the nutrition now available in the soil, thereby building their immune systems to resist insects and disease. I was so pleased when they were able to offer me an organic, sustainable alternative. This company is treating trees in Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley and the town of Vail, among others. Check out

Many of us understand the problems associated with the pesticide/insecticide/chemical fertilizer loop, but may not know there are reasonable alternatives. Dear Aspen citizens, let’s be willing to invest in what will support healthy environments without adverse side effects. We can build a coalition, a model for others, and support companies that are the foundation of a green economy. The financial cost is comparable to the old chemical methods. The benefits are priceless.

Shere Coleman


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