The Aspen Collection to close |

The Aspen Collection to close

Naomi Havlen
Aspen Times Staff Writer

In 16 years The Aspen Collection has gone from selling shampoo all the way to antiques and fine furnishings, but now it’s leaving the Aspen marketplace altogether.

According to owner Amy Gordon, the lease is up at the store’s location at 205 S. Mill St., and she’s ready to let it expire and close the store.

“When it first started, I had bought the beauty supply store in town ” 16 years ago,” she said on Friday. “From there, we grew and grew and changed the direction of the store over time.”

For a while, The Aspen Collection sold gifts and personal care products. Then Gordon decided to capitalize on a major trend she saw, which was more people moving to Aspen to be permanent residents. The antiques and home decor arena wasn’t only a more lucrative business venture, it was something Gordon said she had a passion for.

“It’s been a fabulous retail run in town, and all good things must come to an end,” she said.

Gordon and her husband, Barry, moved to town 20 years ago from Los Angeles. Barry Gordon is now president of Aspen Pure, a locally based water company.

Around seven years ago, Amy Gordon opened up a second storefront for The Aspen Collection, in the space where Merlin’s Pizza now resides. But after Sept. 11 and the downturn in the economy, Gordon let that lease expire and continued working at the store’s initial location.

She said the remaining branch of the store would probably close by the end of this winter. Gordon would not comment on whether the storefront’s rent is going up ” she said letting a lease expire “is the natural progression of a business.”

“I’d like to thank the locals and tourists in Aspen who over the last 16 years have been supportive of my store,” she said. “It’s been a wonderful run, and I appreciate each and every one of my customers.”

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