The Amerikan way |

The Amerikan way

The talking heads of the leftist liberal news and entertainment industry are heavily promoting the idea of sending U.S. combat troops into Israel and the West Bank to solve the 2,000-year-old Israeli-Arab conflict.

The beauty of their idea is that they will not be the people who will bear the personal costs of combat; they are too old for the draft and, because of their superior ethical principles, they would never engage in something as immoral as combat in a war.

They are, however, very willing to send our teenage sons and daughters into combat in order to soothe their own anguished, aching liberal consciences.

I say, Right On! After we sustain about 60,000 casualties and dance around with bombing halts for the holidays and limited warfare for about 10 years, we will be able to surrender, withdraw and abandon our POWs, our MIAs and our friends and allies.

The leftist liberal news and entertainment industry will be able to make a bunch of money with books and movies about how fucked up the Middle East war veterans are. It is the Amerikan way!

Hugh A. Roberts

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