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The American bubble

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Dear Editor:Well, after watching “Fahrenheit 9/11” and watching the reactions to the film, from both Bush haters and non-Bush haters, the reaction that caught my attention was that a lot of people said it was “a bit too much” or “over the top.”That didn’t really make sense to me, so I went and saw it again. On my second time watching “Fahrenheit 9/11,” I realized why they think it’s a bit too much or over the top is because this country has been living in a PG-rated bubble for as long as I can remember.I mean, it’s not like Michael Moore had to go to extreme lengths to get the material for his film, if you just watch the news in any country other than the PG-rated U.S. of A., you’ll see that type of material all the time. If you’ve noticed, here in the States they only show the leftover rubble of buildings or cars – like the other day, I saw a few blown-up motors (that’s right, just motors), I almost felt sorry for the carburetors (what a joke).What I am saying is that here (USA), they only show deaths in a number or in a name format. I remember one veteran who said they treat the death toll like a batting average. The reason they don’t show the true reality of war and its horror is because if you saw that on the news every day, then you might not back this redundant war. So I believe our men, women and children were and are still being put in harm’s way for absolutely no significant reason other than to fill the old-boy networks’ pockets. Not to mention, the longer we fill Bush’s pockets, the more we fall into debt with China and other competing countries (now does that make sense to you?). If the Bush family can make deals with the bin Ladens, why couldn’t they make a better deal with the Chinese? When you go to vote this November, let’s stick with karma and, like in 1992, let’s remove another Bush ASAP!Michael LilledalSnowmass Village

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