The adventurous spirit |

The adventurous spirit

Dear Editor:

I am elated with joy as our vision for the 5Point Film Festival was truly captured at this year’s event. In a gathering of the tribe, filmmakers, special guests and an engaged audience filled the Carbondale Rec Center, celebrating with unprecedented energy a spirit for adventure of all kinds.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the festival is the relationship we have developed with our loyal and generous sponsors, both local and from the outdoor community. These sponsors have been family to 5Point from its inception, signing on to an event originally sketched out on a breakfast napkin. They felt it and got it from the beginning and have never looked back. My sincere appreciation and gratitude goes out to you all.

5Point would never be a reality without our “5Point Chicks”: Beda Calhoun, Brie Bath, Amy Kimberly, Kelly Alford, Jennifer Slaughter, Margaret Mathers, Sharon Newsom, Tracy Wilson, Maureen Rothman and Jennifer Swanson, and our token male, “the voice of reason,” my patient husband Michael Kennedy.

Our many 5Point volunteers were exceptional once again – thanks to all of you for being an invaluable part of the extraordinary success of this year’s festival.

Hopefully all of you who attended the 5Point Film Festival this year walked away with a newfound curiosity and thirst for adventure, be it half a world away or right here in our magical mountain town.

Julie Kennedy

founder/director, 5Point Film Festival


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