The 2004 Wish List from local nonprofits |

The 2004 Wish List from local nonprofits

Now’s your chance to give to the givers. This valley is blessed with a remarkable network of nonprofits, serving everyone from disabled children to aspiring artists to history buffs. With the exception of a few high-profile organizations, however, most struggle to pay staff members, cover the rent and keep their programs vibrant and relevant. For the third consecutive year, The Aspen Times presents The Wish List. Below are 26 gift requests from local organizations that submitted their Christmas wishes. In years past, the community has rallied to grant many of the requests onThe Wish List, and we hope the same thing will happen this year. This year’s list is a little shorter than we expected, perhaps owing to the fact our fax machine broke down at a critical time. So if you don’t see your favorite nonprofit (or the one you donated to last year) listed below, don’t be afraid to give them a call and ask what they’d like for Hannukah/ Christmas/Holidays. The Buddy ProgramA storage unit in Basalt; a new (not secondhand) computer; flatware (set of 6); cloth napkins (set of 6). Contact 920-2130.Rock Bottom Ranch Wildlife PreserveGarden tools/nursery stock; Power Point projector; great volunteers. Contact Andrea Earley Coen, 927-6760.Shining Stars FoundationNew laptop computer; 50 children’s goggles and/or sunglasses; 10 hand-held walkie-talkie radios. Contact Kathy Gingery, (970) 531-5050.Aspen Historical SocietyLCD projector; banquet tables; skirting and tablecloths; computer server with the following specifications: Pentium IV processor with 1 ghz or higher, 1 gb of Ram, 80 gb hard drive, Windows 2000 or higher, Windows Service Pack 3 or 4. Contact 925-3721.Animal Rescue FoundationPrinting and/or mailing services (or a color laser printer or cartridges); advertising sponsors; long-term or short-term foster homes. Contact 963-4562. Aspen Center for Environmental StudiesSnowplow (preferably with truck attached); Sorel boots. Contact Tom Cardamone, 925-5756.Aspen Choral SocietySponsors for orchestra musicians at $500 each for Mozart spring concerts at Harris Hall (approximately 40 musicians); updated financial/business software program; funds to provide music scores for orchestra and choir (approximately $500). Contact Bill Stirling, 925-5757.Stepstone Center of CarbondaleOne relatively new Macintosh computer system; a DVD player and DVD burner; stamps. Contact Scott Chaplin, 963-3483.The Carbondale Mountain FairTents, preferably a 20-by-40 foot, but will take two 20-by-20s; Macintosh laptop computer; cordless drill. Contact Amy Kimberly, 963-2123.Animal Shelter Capital CampaignNeuter a homeless pet ($100); purchase the opportunity to name the new Aspen/Pitkin Animal Shelter for $1 million (for information on smaller naming opportunities, check; volunteer to walk a dog or brush a cat. Contact Seth Sachson, 544-0206 or Bland Nesbit, 923-6947.Adult Literacy ProgramFile cabinet; bookshelf; folding table (preferably long). Contact Julie Fox-Rubin, 927-9745.Sopris Therapy Services Donations for sponsorship of children without funding sources; volunteer office help one day a week; volunteer office cleaning a few hours a week. Contact Pat Horwitz, 963-4677.KDNKDigital camera; two mini-disc recorders; a scanner. Contact Shawna Claiborne, 963-0139.City of Aspen Parks and Recreation Department Contributions to our scholarship fund, which provides assistance to families who couldn’t otherwise participate in rec programs; individual sports team sponsorships; sponsors for our growing number of special events. All donations are tax deductible. Contact 920-5140.La Misión newspaperA digital camera; a color printer; a film scanner. Contact Luis Polar, 945-1003.Slowfood Roaring Fork.Manure, soil and compost bins; a website designer who can also modify content; a sponsor for the gondola ride. Contact Joyce Falcone, 544-3799.Aspen Youth ExperienceNew or (gently used) snowboard gloves, goggles and helmets (larger sizes needed); new or gently used ski jackets, bibs, ski boots and snowboard boots (teen and adult sizes, male and female); large containers for equipment storage; winter clothing and other essentials for teens. Contact Bennett A. Bramson, 925-6671.GrassRoots TelevisionFinancial contributions for new field equipment ($109,317 is needed in all); television camera tripods; cameras. Contact Maura Masters, 925-8000.Children’s Health Foundation (formerly Children’s Health Initiative)One office desk; copier; Apple I-pod. Contact Barb Pitchford, 920-4750.EcoFlightColor Inkjet printer; adding machine (with tape); bar fridge. Contact Jane Hatem, 429-1110, ext. 1.Sustainable SettingsWe are building our Whole Systems Learning Center at the Thompson Creek ranch and need many things from a diesel tractor with front loader and backhoe to hand tools and dimensional lumber. Contact 963-6107 or e-mail SpellbindersUkulele for storytelling; computer desk; wireless lavaliere microphone. Contact Al Dietsch, 922-1444 or Aspen Gay & Lesbian Community FundOne photocopier. Contact Bryan Gonzales, 925-4123.Books For Life FoundationVolunteers to help with foundation publications and newsletter; funds to sponsor foundation writing awards and scholarships; published writers who can mentor beginning writers. Contact Mark Shaw, 544-3398.Basalt Regional Heritage SocietyOn Saturday, March 5, the Basalt Regional Heritage Society will host its second annual Saloon Night Fundraiser to renovate the Arbaney Barn into a museum/educational center. We wish for in-kind prize donations for that night’s giveaway and silent auction, and sponsors for gaming tables (poker, roulette, craps, or blackjack). Contact Diana C. Cordova Elliott, 927-4693.Carbondale Clay CenterNew computer; two flat-screen monitors; Comcast high-speed Internet service; computer service/consulting to update and streamline our database; an awning for the front door. Contact Lauren Kearns, 963-2529.


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