That letter takes the cake |

That letter takes the cake

Just a curious note as to what your policy might be relative to printed inclusion in your letters column. We’re fairly inured to the “Sue Grays” of the valley, but the April 14 specimen from “Agustin Goba” (under your headline “The Prozac president”) set a new low standard regarding ignorant, misinformed, and (my guess would be) undereducated contributions to your fair pages.

I refer to “… massive election fraud in the state of Florida,” “… he has … repeatedly broken both United States and international law,” “… history of illegal business deals,” and maybe best of all, “One illegitimate leader ousting another does not make the winner a better person.”

Is absolutely anything printable in the Times, or did Goba’s letter somehow happen to miss the April Fools’ deadline?

Clayton Day