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Thanksgiving thanks

Dear Editor:

I pause for a moment to let my fingers do the talking and give thanks!

Thank you to all Ajax and Snowmass employees and crews who busted “asspen” working hard to get the mountains open. Mother Nature gave them limited natural snow, but cold temperatures for the snowmakers to blow. The cat-grooming crew tilled that snow to near perfect ” seamless runs for opening-day riders. Ski patrol came along and buttoned it all up, staking and marking rocky-thin hazard spots and other caution zones.

Thanks to all those who did the snow dancing downtown too! It seems to have worked quite well. Most of us live in the mountains to enjoy skiing, boarding and other activities. Winter holidays mean lots of work for us valley residents. Those who vacation here get excellent service and satisfaction from our hard work and quality product. Even when there is little to work with, impressive things happen because of locals working hard and getting it done!

Again, I say a huge thank you to all those that made it happen. Hopefully we will have a sequel to the 2007-08 season. Oh, and great job to all those who worked and volunteered long hours for the women’s ski races.

John Norman

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