Thanks to the youngsters |

Thanks to the youngsters

Dear Editor:Over the Labor Day weekend a number of our local girls put on a bake sale to raise money for the victims of the Katrina hurricane (Aspen Times, Sept. 7). In total, these youngsters raised $838.43 giving out lemonade and home-baked cookies in return for donations! They will contribute this money to the Alpine Bank matching fund for the American Red Cross for a total of $1676.86!Thank you to all the concerned citizens and visitors of Aspen who donated so graciously! And, a special thanks to the parents and girls for your hard work, kindness and enthusiasm in raising this donation: Nakiri Gallagher-Cave, Elisa and Fabio Bianchi, Viola and Enrica Gortan, Tessa Partiger-Hatem, Lexi and Beth Smith, Rhianna Boderick, Phoebe and Lila Patinkin, and Alejandro and Isabel Graves.Risoun GallagherAspen

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