Thanks to the left |

Thanks to the left

Dear Editor:Regarding Bill Schaffer’s pathetic catch-all critique of the left (Aspen Times, Dec. 27), perhaps he should turn off the Limbaugh and O’Reilly and open a history book or two. Did progressives/liberals oppose entry into World War I? According to White House historians, “[President Woodrow Wilson] developed a program of progressive reform and asserted international leadership in building a new world order. In 1917 he proclaimed American entrance into World War I a crusade to make the world ‘safe for democracy.'”Schaffer is confused. The same great man who gave us the New Deal also steadfastly backed the British with the “lend-lease” program that hastened our entry into World War II. The New Deal put millions of Americans back to work during a time of massive unemployment and also gave the country Social Security. It was the conservative isolationists like Lindbergh who opposed getting involved in the mess in Europe. FDR was one of the greatest presidents of the 20th century, defeating both the Great Depression and fascism. He was a liberal.The American left has always stood up for the workers who make this country great. Thanks to the left, we have child labor laws, Social Security, Medicare, a minimum wage and civil rights for all Americans. America also has clean drinking water and clean air. The right consistently opposed all of these programs and seeks to undermine them today. These are the real core American values regardless of whatever the right may claim. Beware people who wrap themselves in the flag and quote the Bible as they practice intolerance, exclusion and hate. Democrats have always fought to make sure every American has the right to live the American dream – no exceptions.Alan ColeCarbondale