Thanks to the Fabulous Five |

Thanks to the Fabulous Five

From the sound of things at the Aspen Police Department, a woman who lost a nearly $24,000 check was upset that the story appeared in the paper.

And when a police representative mentioned to her that a “thank you” to the people who found the check and brought it to the cop shop would be a nice gesture, she made no comment.

Well, we have something to say: Thanks, you guys.

The gist of the story is this: Five young men find a check on one of the pedestrian malls made out for $23,901.

Instead of messing around with it, they march it straight over to the police department. A few days later, the story ends up in The Aspen Times, naming all five do-gooders ” Tony DiBacco, Cael Jones, Alex Diglio, Cody Stott and Peter Busk ” and the company that wrote the check.

The day after the story breaks here, it’s in Denver papers and is picked up by one of the city’s television stations.

Hopefully, as the press over the incident settles down and the people who lost the check recognize the favor the Fabulous Five performed, a thanks will be forthcoming.

Good deeds such as this occur all the time, but it’s not often that the people performing those good deeds get the recognition they deserve. So, once again guys, thanks.


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