Thanks to RFTA |

Thanks to RFTA

Dear Editor:

Thank you to the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority. After another great summer in Aspen, I would like to thank all the friendly and courteous bus drivers on the Highlands-Maroon Bells route.

As a rollerblader three times per week, I appreciate the patience the bus drivers show all bikers, hikers, roller bladers, and roller-skiers by waiting on oncoming traffic a minute or two until its is safe to pass. As a biker on Castle Creek Road to Ashcroft, I wish the car drivers would extent me the same courtesy, especially around the numerous blind turns.

We are back on the fall schedule again, Friday through Sunday into October on the Highlands-to-Maroon bus route. I’d like to ask RFTA CEO Dan Blankenship and the RFTA board of directors to add the mid-week popular Wednesdays for next year’s September 2012 schedule.

Thank you for a great summer season and I also would like to extend thanks to all the Forest Service employees and volunteers.

Niklaus Kuhn


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