Thanks to locals and others |

Thanks to locals and others

As 2003 comes to a close, I want to thank three groups of people ” one national and two local.

First, I want to express my deep appreciation and sympathy to the nearly 500 American families who have had loved ones killed in Iraq.

Second, thank you Jayne Gottlieb, Becky Dillon, Cassie Newman, Michael McAssey, et al for the Aspen School of Theatre Arts’ July 24 children’s production of “Annie.” In three short weeks, they produced an excellent play with about 30 children. My young son and and the children were enriched by this experience.

Third, thanks to the people at HeritageAspen (Aspen Historical Society) for the great Fourth of July Victorian baseball game at the Marolt field. Afterward they had music, dancing, food and a pie contest that was out of this world. Hopefully they will do it again for July 4, 2004, and more of our community will show up.

Wishing all a healthful, prosperous and peaceful New Year!

Ralston Mingledorff



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