Thanks to Kat |

Thanks to Kat

Dear Editor:The art educators of the Aspen School District would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Kat Townsend in her role as museum educator for the Aspen Art Museum. Kat’s role as an advocate for art education for the children in the Roaring Fork Valley has been invaluable. Kat created experiences for students in the visual arts directly connecting the art shows at the Aspen Art Museum at a level that school children could understand and appreciate.The art educators of the valleywide schools have always felt supported by Kat. She has been a listener to our needs and made things happen for art teachers, both in viewing art and exhibiting student art at the Aspen Art Museum. Kat Townsend was always ready to find a way to get students to the museum to see the wonderful exhibitions. Her work with the art educators showed her empathy with our challenging job and she has been very complimentary of K-12 art education accomplishments by students in this valley.Thank you, Kat, for the art experiences you brought to the children of the Roaring Fork Valley through your work with the Aspen Art Museum. Thank you for your approachable and caring work with the art educators in this valley, always encouraging museum experiences for all children. The schools need the visual arts and the art museum to continue being the comprehensive learning atmosphere you have created.Marti Cyrus, Aspen High SchoolBarbara Smith, Aspen High SchoolRae Lampe, Aspen Middle SchoolBritte Bowman, Aspen Middle SchoolCarole Stewart, Aspen Elementary School

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