Thanks to Buddy Program |

Thanks to Buddy Program

Dear Editor:

I’m writing to say “thank you” to the Buddy Program for awarding me an extracurricular scholarship. I am going to France for a whole year with the Rotary Club. I want to do this program because I feel that it’s a great opportunity to meet people and go to a whole new country and learn all about its culture and language. It’s also a great way to learn how to be independent.

My family cannot pay for all of the costs, so therefore the Buddy Program’s help is something we are very grateful for. And it did not just help me but also 50 other Little Buddies this spring. It gave out $4,945 in extracurricular scholarships to other children, too.

We are very thankful for everything that the Buddy Program has done for our family.

Joana Ospina


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