Thanks, Joe |

Thanks, Joe

Dear Editor:I am writing this letter to address two issues. First, the letter written by Mr. Vargas and printed in your paper on July 1 regarding Deputy Sheriff Joe DiSalvo and Sheriff Bob Braudis. (This letter was not printed in the Aspen Daily News.) It was so ignorant and uninformative that I wish I did not feel compelled to respond.But his rude and slanderous remarks were ridiculous, and I think he should leave this corrupt valley and try Los Angeles or New York City; the law enforcement officers in both cities are better looking and they are not nearly as aggressive as our local agencies. His letter prompted me to write a letter about someone who is a gift to our community – Deputy Sheriff Joe DiSalvo.Let me start by saying that I was not at Jimmy’s restaurant on the night of the altercation. I have known Joe DiSalvo for many years and he is a friend. A friend who is genuine, understanding, honest, and would do anything for me. But Joe also does all of these things and more for the people of this county. It is disheartening in a place so beautiful with so much positive energy that our valley has attacked, with vengeance, a man who has dedicated his life to protecting and serving the public. There are many dark and ugly things happening in this valley that we don’t see: rape, violence, murder and a myriad of crimes that most of us would never even think happen here. But they do. Joe is one of the people dealing with what we don’t have to. The people protecting us have every right to protect themselves and loved ones. I believe Joe deserves the benefit of the doubt, but more importantly some support from the community he loves.I would like to add that there are only a handful of people who know what happened at Jimmy’s on the evening in question; and the ones that have come forward have said the same thing – that Joe was defending himself as well as his wife. Why are the DiSalvos, a deputy sheriff and his wife, a hairstylist, any different than a real estate agent and property manager? There is no difference. And I find it incredible that someone can clearly provoke a fight, try to intimidate and bully someone and then whine how unfair it is because you don’t like the result. It seems very desperate. It is so petty. But to each their own.As for the attorney that Deputy DiSalvo has retained, I know that if I was ill I would want the best physician. If I needed an attorney, I would want the best, especially if they were a good friend that believed in me and would be there for me at the drop of a hat. I doubt that Pamela Mackey has a lack of clients. That says a lot about Joe’s character, the kind of man he is and how he is respected by a wide spectrum of people. And the people who know Joe DiSalvo personally or professionally are acutely aware of his integrity and judgment.Thank you Joe and Bob and the entire sheriff’s department for everything you do! Courtenay CaveAspen

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