Thanks go to Peter Martin |

Thanks go to Peter Martin

Regardless of any differences one might have with Peter Martin on the vital questions of land use and development, he nevertheless deserves your respect.Martin has spent the past seven years driving from his home near Redstone to Aspen, once or twice a month, to sit on the Pitkin County Planning and Zoning Commission. By his own estimate, Martin has spent 7,000 hours considering development applications and deliberating zoning code amendments.Martin resigned from the commission yesterday so, at 71, he could spend some time on projects other than yours and mine.He has fairly considered the pleas of humble landowners simply trying to hop, skip and jump their way through the countys complicated land-use approval process and the slick presentations of highly paid attorneys and consultants.He has proven to be the ideal P&Z member. He was committed. He was thoughtful. He took every issue and application seriously. And, most importantly, Martin has voted his conscience each and every time, explaining clearly why he was voting yea or nay on the issue at hand.The county has been well served by Peter Martin. He has earned our respect and our thanks.