Thanks from Mountain Rescue Aspen |

Thanks from Mountain Rescue Aspen

Dear Editor:

Before this year comes to an end, Mountain Rescue Aspen would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the helicopter companies and individuals that have assisted us in our rescues. Some of these companies have been valuable partners for several years and some we have worked with for much longer. The helicopter venders we use and train with are a mix of private, commercial and military.

We hold these pilots and crews up with the highest esteem. It has always been our honor to work with these companies, individuals and military. We feel they deserve as much credit on these rescues as Mountain Rescue Aspen.

By using their skills and aircraft these professionals make our job safer by concentrating the energy, time and effort involved in our rescues: St. Anthony’s Flight For Life, St. Mary’s Careflight, Doug Sheffer of DBS Helicopters, our Colorado National Guard and also specifically the National Guard’s High Altitude Training School in Eagle.

We honor all these people as well as the others who have not been specifically named for their selflessness and professionalism.

Mountain Rescue Aspen

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