Thanks from Bucky |

Thanks from Bucky

Dear Editor:

My name is Bucky. I am an older, very gentle rescue dog who was saved from death row by Valley Dog Rescue. A sad experience brought me to “Valley Emergency Pet Care” on Fiou Lane in Basalt, who took fabulous care of me for several days. I received a lot of love and expert care for which I am extremely grateful. I would like to thank Dr. Chris Hansen who initially operated on me. Subsequently I was taken care of by the wonderful veterinarians Dr. Bisk Jackson, Dr. Erin Johnson, Dr. Julie Cox and Dr. Lisa Thompson.

I also want to send my thank you and love to the supporting staff, Mike, Renee, Rhonda, Dominica and Mimmi. Additionally, I got lucky enough to be fostered by my brand new friend Alison who also works at this wonderful facility. All in all, it was a rough start but came to a happy ending.

Bucky (and Ursula Shepherd)


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