Thanks for support in a time of sorrow |

Thanks for support in a time of sorrow

Dear Editor:

I believe that Aspen has the reputation of being a glitzy town of ski bums, rich second-home owners and hardworking young people.

It is true that we are a town filled with hardworking young people, but we are also a town with a great big heart. I found this fact out since my husband, Jim Jenkins, died in August.

Aspen has opened its heart to me. From the friendly, helpful folks at the post office, the people I meet on the street, our many friends from the Aspen Chapel, Aspen Institute, Aspen Historical Society, the hospital and on, folks have held me in their arms, helping me go through sadness that comes with losing a loved one.

Thank you, Aspen, for being there when I need you most. Aspen is a town with a big heart.

Jane Jenkins


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