Thanks for stopping the Burlingame madness |

Thanks for stopping the Burlingame madness

Dear Editor:

As a new homeowner at Burlingame Ranch, I am wondering when being forthright and honest with anyone is not OK.

One gentleman stated this deceit and manipulation is nothing new for the city of Aspen and its agenda. Perhaps so, but when does it make it OK to continue such practice because it has been the “norm” as one implied, or costly human error. We, as humans, have a choice to make great decisions or terrible ones. Obviously, the truth has come out about Burlingame and the fact real numbers were never really considered. I applaud Dwayne Romero for speaking up and stopping the madness.

To our elected officials (past and present), I expect more. I expect integrity, accountability and worthy individuals to uphold what the public has entrusted in you … their trust and sound judgement.

So yes, we are human and we all make mistakes. I hope we can move forward soon. (Reason: My new condo has a leak! It’s been temporarily repaired by Shaw and needs the city’s OK to go ahead with the permanent fix.)

Ruth Hostetler


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