Thanks for saving Zoe |

Thanks for saving Zoe

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:At the recent Bow-Wow Meow Ball, we fell in love with Zoe, a small poodle terrier that was one of the Aspen Animal Shelter dogs, and took her home with us. We wanted to show her off as a graduate of the Shelter last week at the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Aspen/Pitkin Animal Shelter. That morning my wife Germaine took her to Debbie at Tailwaggers so Zoe could look her best at the party.A little later, Debbie watched Zoe jump cleanly over a 5-foot fence and ran to find her new mistress that she thought was abandoning her. Enter Perry Stone.Perry had just dropped off a dog at Tailwaggers and saw Zoe jump the fence and take off down the street heading for Highway 82. He followed her in his car. When Zoe crossed Highway 82 and started running down the eastbound lanes in morning traffic, he stayed right behind her to warn other drivers away from her. Perry followed her all the way down to the roundabout, where she ran around the roundabout and headed back down the highway. Perry stayed right behind her. She ran all the way back to the Airport Business Center, where she turned off the highway and ran back toward Tailwaggers. By this time Germaine, who had been called by Debbie, was looking for her at the ABC. Thankfully, due to Perry’s persistence, Germaine was reunited with a trembling, tired but unhurt dog.It’s because of a caring person like Perry, who protected Zoe during her run up and down Highway 82, that Zoe is alive today. Perry Stone is a local hero.Thank you, Perry.Al DietschWoody Creek