Thanks for quality medical care |

Thanks for quality medical care

Dear Editor: Just as the Fourth of July parade was winding down, a 69-year-old gentleman fell to the ground in Paepcke Park, unconscious.As I was across the street, I went over to help with the resuscitation efforts. Dr. Mink from Aspen was at the patient’s side, and soon the fine officers from the Aspen Police Department arrived with a defibrillator. The paramedics arrived shortly thereafter and administered appropriate first aid, including measuring the patient’s oxygen level and blood glucose.As a voice surgeon from Houston who has practiced in Aspen at Aspen Valley Hospital, I reiterate how blessed Aspen is with first-rate medical care. The Texas Medical Center may be larger, but the quality of medical care in Aspen is wonderful and second to none.Thanks to the police, paramedics and Dr. Mink for doing such a fine job resuscitating the 69-year-old gentleman – I’m sure he is most grateful as well.C. Richard Stasney, M.D.Houston, Texas

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