Thanks for listening, fellas |

Thanks for listening, fellas

Dear Editor:On Tuesday night, Mayor Ireland and councilmen DeVilbiss, Romero and Skadron held a dedicated work session with a number of concerned citizens to discuss the distressing impact of Ordinance 30 on many Aspen homeowners. Despite a lengthy meeting Monday night, they worked with us for more than three hours to hear the issues and address problems. The dialogue between council and the public was excellent and productive, and had been long overdue.We want to thank those four gentlemen for the extensive time they put into this issue and their commitment to invest more time in resolving some of the legislation’s fundamental problems. That legislation had passed in emergency session, likely based on some erroneous assumptions and without the benefit of public input. It’s now a difficult problem to correct, but there is a diligent effort to do so in the very near term.City Council immediately added this topic to the next regular meeting scheduled for 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 10, with the goal of making substantive progress at that meeting. Please attend to express your opinions and suggestions. This issue affects not only those with houses more than 30 years old, but all of the community and taxpayers.Marilyn MarksAspen