Thanks for letting me serve |

Thanks for letting me serve

Dear Editor:Though belated, I offer heartfelt congratulations to all the winners in our recent elections.You all are committed people who have and will (for the newcomer) work diligently to serve the interests of Pitkin County.I want to express my sincere and deep appreciation to those of you who voted for me and contributed to my campaign. I am so sorry I let you down. Dozens of you have called me since election night. Thank you. Your words have given this “loser” pride in my accomplishments, and the receipt of your words will allow me to hold my head up. As you called, your identities gave me the satisfaction of knowing that I had fulfilled my mission to give voice to the business community. And, to my joy, I discovered that I had also earned the respect of many of the old-time locals and newer local leaders. Thank you for your gift of acknowledgment.And in order to hold my head up, I must apologize for my angry words on election night. At least the world allowed John Kerry time to compose his emotions! Though I was deeply wounded by this election personally, I should not have spoken so. I believe you do have a strong majority on your board now that reflects what the majority of voters want in their county government. I offer apologies especially to Mick. He has tried to become a kinder public person. And he is dedicated to making the Democratic Party strong here. I was wrong to rail at him personally for his success.Jack and Dorothea, my heartfelt congratulations. You both deserve your wins. And though your commitment of time and passion are obvious, the public must also be told of your consummate professionalism to the job. Patti, I will miss your humor, heart and down-to-earth assessments of the truth. You are not motivated by agenda, but your nursing instincts to make the community healthy. And Michael, you showed a willingness to learn at the beginning of your campaign; I know you will, now that you have the time, return to that philosophy.And, lastly, to the outstanding county staff: I was so very honored to work with you. You are diligent, creative and think “free-market,” not bureaucratic. The people of Pitkin County need to realize how fortunate we are in the staff that works for us.Thank you all for allowing me to serve you.Shellie RoyAspen

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