Thanks for helping Scouts |

Thanks for helping Scouts

Thank you Aspen and Snowmass for your support of our girls during the 2002 Girl Scout Cookie Sale.

It was simply wonderful seeing the adult patience and kindness displayed to these Girl Scouts. Whether you waited patiently while they studiously counted your change, took the heat of over-zealous hawking, or simply decided to buy one more box of Thin Mints (despite the 10 in your freezer), you are the true heroes of this operation.

Did you know that this whole event was coordinated by the Seniors of troop No. 260? These teenagers orchestrated shipments, handled the inevitable red tape, and calmly rode out various mini-catastrophes. Christina, Sonya, Erin, Stella, and Brandy – you’re amazing!

Thank you.

Jo Mitchell

Aspen/Snowmass Girl Scout Service Unit Manager

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