Thanks for group effort |

Thanks for group effort

Dear Editor:

A recent letter from Ben Hill talked about the great experience he had in my career planning class at Aspen High School (“Class puts student on the career track,” Feb. 5, The Aspen Times).

Thanks, Ben, for the nice comments. On behalf of Marilyn Seltzer, whose help in the course was crucial, I would like to thank the following members of the Aspen community who helped the other members of the class complete their informational interviews: Bill Everett, iPhone app developer; Paul Blangsted, Snowmass Wildcat Fire Department and auto enthusiast; Mark Tompkins, writer, along with the Aspen Writers’ Foundation, who helped us to connect Mark with our student; Jason Hutter, auto mechanic; Stan Cheo, physical therapist; Dr. Natasha Knight; Rick Schwartz, investment banker; Keith Howie, architect; Zack Stutzman, athletic trainer; Scott Dolginow, veterinarian; Aspen Police Department and Pitkin County Jail; Kevin Wright, DOW; Vanessa at Blu Phoenix; Marc Whitley and Travis Moore, science educators at Aspen High School.

Thanks, everyone, for making the course so relevant.

Dave Conarroe

Aspen High School


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