Thanks for caring

It is with a heavy heart that I will try and express my deep gratitude and appreciation to all the people who have contributed their time, energy, money and goods to help my husband, Terry Allen.

The response of the community was overwhelming. The benefit, organized by Rochelle Bouchard, Cellular Sue and Kerri Brooks, was Terry’s last chance to see so many of his good friends and brought tears to his eyes (and mine) by the generosity and kindness of so many people … the Wheeler Opera House, The Aspen Times, the musicians Twirp Anderson and John Sommers, the Motherlode, David Laughren, Bobby and Peggy Mason.

This list goes on and on, as so many businesses and individuals donated. To try to list them all would fill pages.

Terry’s last days were filled with love and compassion and it gave both of us comfort to know how many friends he had in this valley. Thank you for caring.

Barbara Henning