Thanks, but no thanks |

Thanks, but no thanks

I was reading the Aspen Daily News Feb. 14 edition, and noticed the article on former Mayor Richards applying for the Aspen Chamber Resort Association’s presidency. I would like to let the public know that I, for one, am opposed to this notion.

First, Richards has demonstrated an inability to listen to her constituency; the removal of parking spaces in downtown Aspen over the objections of Aspen businesses is one example of this.

What business owners need is someone who is not divisive, but is thoughtful and will listen to them for advice and input, and will not run roughshod over them.

Secondly, the current plight of Aspen businesses happened while Richards was in our government. I think that having Richards as president of ACRA could worsen things further for our local businesses.

Thirdly, how can Richards lead our local businesses to the financial “Promised Land” when she has proven to be morally bankrupt herself? Richards had a career in government of deceit, treachery and scandal, and I think our businesses should have a respectable and trustworthy leader that potential tourists will not focus in on the negative character aspects of that leader.

Fourth and finally, despite the work she may cite on various state, regional and local levels, Richards has never owned and run a business in Aspen (to my knowledge), so how she is going to help an Aspen business attract more tourists is beyond me. An actual successful local business owner that is currently on the ACRA board would be a far better choice.

If you think that having Richards in charge of ACRA is not good for Aspen, then you should help yourself out by doing something. Call John Norton, head of the ACRA presidency search committee, at 429-3250 and talk to him. Even better yet, you can talk to Mr. Norton face-to-face about this at his office upstairs at the Highlands center at Aspen Highlands, and let him know how you feel on this subject.

While you’re at it, demand a public hearing on this matter. The public did find Richards to be a bad leader during last year’s city elections, so it is best that she stay in the private sector in a non-leadership role, where the least amount of damage to our community can be done.

I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t want Richards being put in charge of dog catching in Aspen, let alone ACRA. Thanks, but no thanks.

Ramon Duvernay


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