Thanks, but no thanks |

Thanks, but no thanks

Dear Editor:

Last week I read a story about Aspen releasing half a million ladybugs to fight an aphid explosion. Then, Friday my wife and I were caught out in an incredible storm while hiking.

On Saturday, we noticed that every leaf and every blade of grass had ladybugs crawling on it. I don’t recall ever seeing them so thick before here in Black Hawk, and I’m wondering if this is a coincidence or if they were blown here from Aspen? That’s 85 miles as-the-crow-flies but if the crow takes the bus it is much farther.

I don’t suppose anyone in Aspen would go count them to see if any are missing but I’ll try to shoo them back your way. Sounds like you need them more than we do.

Jeffrey Northrup

Black Hawk

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