Thanks, and vote for Tony |

Thanks, and vote for Tony

I would like to thank all the people who supported me in my re-election bid and acknowledge the kindness extended to me from so many fine people. Of course I am disappointed with the way things turned out for me in the short run, but I have a feeling it will be for the best in the long run.

In early June I will leave council. I’ll mothball my City Council ties and target my energy more precisely. A couple of things are already in the crosshairs. I thank those boards who have extended me an offer to participate. I will be calling you soon.

I would ask those that supported me to vote for Tony Hershey for another term on City Council. I know that Tony’s behavior can be infuriating and I make no excuse for it. Mick Ireland’s behavior has likewise offended many over the years. If recall attempts are any gauge, Tony’s behavior is three times better than Mick’s.

Yet each man, most would agree, takes their job seriously and works hard to reach decisions based on fact. Neither hides from difficulties by skipping out of meetings they know will be tough.

They each speak in specific detail because they understand the prime issue as well as the various sub-issues that will be affected by a decision. They each understand complex budgets and know how to use them as a management tool.

Some have suggested that Tony and I were a “slate” for the first round of voting, and that is not true. We did not collaborate at all. We were friendly competitors who realized they could potentially face each other in a runoff.

One thing that did happen is that Rachel met with me in January or February to suggest that she and I collaborate to defeat Tony. I understood the advantage of being a candidate of a “Mick Machine” slate, as I would be if I agreed to Rachel’s offer. But I couldn’t do that to Tony any more than I could have done it to Rachel had the roles been reversed.

I have worked well with both of these people and tried, with some success, to get them to work together. I find it easy to work with either of them but they struggle with each other. It may be healthy for the town to have them counterbalancing each other as co-members of council. Rachel doesn’t fool Tony, but I’ll bet she can fool Mr. Torre.

Speaking of the personable Mr. Torre, I would ask you to remember that when Mr. Torre was defeated in his bid for mayor he claimed he would stay involved with the community and make a difference and be a voice for the younger voters and so on.

He did not keep his word unless in the most cursory manner. He attended almost no meetings, worked on no commissions or task forces or COWOPs or boards. We saw him at virtually no City Council meetings until shortly before this election.

I bet I attended more Youth Council meetings than any City Council person and I am 57. Where was the energetic, voice for youth, Mr. Torre, during these meetings?

Had Mr. Torre participated in a meaningful way, gained experience and been a reliable voice for new ideas, it would be far easier to take him more seriously. Mr. Torre doesn’t have any board experience in running a large enterprise and, make no mistake, the city of Aspen is a large enterprise.

There are hundreds of ways for Mr. Torre to at least gain entry level experience and earn respect by community participation, and I encourage him to do so. I cannot vote for him to jump to the head of the line. He is cute, polite and sure can talk. Talk is cheap.

Tom McCabe


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