Thanks all around |

Thanks all around

Dear Editor:

I would like to extend many thanks to everyone who made our annual Buddy Program drift fishing day another resounding success.

The fishing guides, Ry Neiley, Mike Chmura and Jeremy Stott of Taylor Creek Fly Shop, and Ed Dyson and Arron Calcott of Frying Pan Anglers deserve high praise for donating their time, boats and equipment. I would like to extend special thanks to the Buddy Program staff who put up with me year after year and to the Buddy Program volunteers who play such significant roles in the lives of our valley’s young people. Boogie, you, obviously, are the key component in all of this ” thank you for giving us the Buddy Program. It makes peoples’ lives better!

Another huge thank-you to Rick Neiley and Maria Maniscalchi for the use of their property and for hosting lunch care of their Thunder River Market. While I’m on the subject, thank you to everyone who made the disabled veterans drift fishing day a success as well. The shops again, Taylor Creek, Alpine Anglers and Frying Pan Anglers, and all of the guides, some of whom donated as many as three days of their time helping these men and women understand the beauty of our watershed and the miracle of catching wild fish on a fly. A guide who can get a blind person to catch a fish on the Roaring Fork River from a moving boat is somewhat of a magician! Thank you, vets, for your dedication, service and sacrifice. Thank you, VA doctors and nurses. Thank you to Bill Venner and the Elks, without whom we could not have pulled it off. And thank you again to Rick and Maria.

Jonathan Feinberg

Coates, Reid and Waldron


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