Thanking rescuers |

Thanking rescuers

An expression of gratitude to Valley Rescue personnel …

Last Sunday morning my daughter and I were involved in an accident in Snowmass Canyon where one man continues to be in critical condition. I wanted to write to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of the men and women of the Basalt fire department, Pitkin County Sheriff’s office, EMT’s and volunteers who helped us out. Their caring and support helped my 5-year-old daughter feel safe and secure as we awaited our release for several hours.

The road conditions at the time in the canyon were hazardous, without any sand or plowing assistance until 30 minutes after the accident occurred. It is unfortunate this stretch of Highway 82 cannot be better monitored for dangerous conditions so as to save our rescue personnel from having to endure accident after accident in Snowmass Canyon. My heart and prayers go out to Raul Mendoza Vasquez and his family for a fast healing and recovery.

Jill Sobel


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