Thankful? Let us count the ways |

Thankful? Let us count the ways

A member of our editorial board e-mailed colleagues this week seeking bullet items for our annual list touting what we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Some eight hours after the e-mail was sent, there was just one response, which could be interpreted a few ways: Either our staff members were too busy to reply or simply didn’t care, or they weren’t thankful for much this Thanksgiving season.

For sure, 2009 has been a brutal year. Any working-class stiff will tell you that.

But there are still many things that we’re grateful for these days, though that’s usually drowned out by the doomsday headlines about the recession and instant runoff voting.

Still, there’s a lot to be grateful for today.

Here’s our list of thanks:

• We are thankful for the recent dump. Aspen Mountain and Snowmass both have above-average conditions to open today, and the snow allows the World Cup races to be held as scheduled.

• We are thankful for our veterans and service men and women serving our country both here and overseas, not only on Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but everyday.

• We are thankful that rents are coming down in Aspen.

• During these tough economic times, we are thankful that our corporate parents in Nevada still pay Qwest to provide us with Caller ID, so we know when Marilyn Marks is calling to let us know what a good job we’re doing.

• We are thankful Jim Blanning did not blow up Aspen on New Year’s Eve.

• We are thankful that even if we can’t afford to go on vacation this year, we live in one of the best vacation spots in the world.

• We are thankful there are still a few affordable places to get lunch in Aspen – Bad Billy’s, the Big Wrap, New York Pizza, Little Annie’s, Bentley’s, Taster’s, the Grateful Deli, Johnny McGuire’s and the Hickory House come to mind. (For those we left out, call our editor, who happens to be in Mexico, where he’s probably sipping cheap pina coladas as you read this.)

• We are thankful there are enough locals in pain to justify four marijuana dispensaries in Aspen.

• We are thankful for our local rescuers, firefighters, deputies and police men and women, and ski patrol.

• We are thankful that Aspen attracts some of the best musical artists in the world.

• We’re thankful for all the people who have to work today and make this town tick, from the people in the service industry to the lifties at Aspen and Snowmass, to everyone else in between – including our overworked Aspen Times staffers.

• We are thankful that Aspen still has a number of generous people that help keep our nonprofits solvent.

• We are thankful that Thanksgiving is still about friends and family being together.

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