Thankful for the Hickory House |

Thankful for the Hickory House

Dear Editor:

Thanksgiving Day and the holiday season are a time to reflect on the year and give thanks. In a year marked by economic uncertainty, the Buddy Program is more grateful than ever to be the recipient of donations at the annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Hickory House. On behalf of all of our Big and Little Buddies, we would like to thank Paul Dioguardi, the Hickory House staff, countless community volunteers, and several amazing Buddy Program supporters for taking time to carry out this heartwarming Aspen tradition.

With Hickory House cooking more than 62 turkeys, this annual event exemplifies the generosity of our special community. We not only had the pleasure of welcoming joyful guests at the door, but it was so wonderful to watch families, friends, locals and visitors come together to enjoy a delicious dinner, while wholeheartedly donating to a very important cause.

Thank you to everyone who so generously donated their time and their money on Thanksgiving Day at the Hickory House. Not only did you make an impact on all of those who attended this exceptional event, but you have helped our program to continue strengthening our community by guiding and inspiring youth through mentoring.

Again, thank you to the Hickory House and the entire community for your continued support.

Rebecca Smalley

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Catherine Anne Provine and the entire Buddy Program staff

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