Thank you, Ute |

Thank you, Ute

Dear Editor:It is with great appreciation that I write this letter. I am honored to write it, as I am only idolizing known entities of the valley. For seven or so years, my friends and I have been skiing for the AVSC Nordic Team. We have sent many skiers to Junior Olympics and, as a high school team, the ladies have won states four times, the men twice.However, our accomplishments mean nothing without support. And by saying support, I mean two things: the parents and volunteers who assist the team, and two people and a local business that literally help with our physical support – our skis.The AVSC Nordic Team would like to give a great and honorable “thank you” to Bob and Ruth Wade and the Ute Mountaineer for all the support that they give the team. Not only do they make sure every team member has access to equipment for the coming ski season, they volunteer their time and energy to mount the skis, fit the boots, and adjust the poles. They don’t even have a racer on the team anymore! That’s dedication!So, Bob, Ruth, and the Ute, thank you. Without you, skiing would be a tad bit difficult without skis, boots and poles. In fact, it would be just plain impossible! Tyler Baker and AVSC Nordic Team