Thank you to the counselors |

Thank you to the counselors

Dear Editor:What a shame it is that last month, May, was Mental Health Month and I missed it. If there were any celebrations in the community to honor our health care providers, our counselors, I missed them, too.I didn’t notice any flashy banners across Main Street. I saw no articles in the newspaper and heard nothing on the radio. In our schools, I noticed no morning announcements, no newsletters home to parents to remind us. Unfortunately, Mental Health Month escaped me completely. What a shame.Mental health care providers and counselors of the Roaring Fork Valley, I offer my apologies for not remembering to honor and appreciate, in May, the many soulful services you render every day. And, counselors, a tremendous “Thank you” to you who: listen and walk many of us through the difficulties of accepting loss and life’s challenges, provide constructive feedback and insight, mediate and guide the disagreements, lead us through the resolution of our disputes, professional and personal, and encourage us to face our fears and take risks in our relationships with others.Thank you, counselors: for guiding our youth through their academic career, class scheduling, sex education, standardized testing, employment and college searches, for educating and counseling our drinking drivers, for offering the more violent ones among us direction and alternatives for acting more responsibly, and for doing these things with skill, genuineness, acceptance and empathy.Apologies and thank you, counselors. Next May, and meanwhile, I intend to remember and appreciate you and the work you do more often. Thank you sincerely, for the services you offer this, our extraordinary mountain community! Susan WoolleyAspen

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