Thank you, Thrift Shop |

Thank you, Thrift Shop

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Speedos Swim Team would like to express our appreciation to the Thrift Shop of Aspen for their support of the children on the swim team.

The Thrift Shop recently contributed funds to help our expanding team. In 2003, the team doubled in size to more than 60 swimmers from 7-17 years old.

We found ourselves short of equipment and coaching staff to

adequately train the swimmers. But even so, we had a great competitive swim season with the most-ever swimmers qualifying for state championships and our first, in many years, of an individual swimmer qualifying for the State Junior Olympics.

As we ended the 2003 season and prepared for the next year, we contacted the Thrift Shop to ask their help for our team, so as to have the needed resources to enter the 2004 season.

The Thrift Shop graciously accepted our request and has provided us with support that will be used to equip our team and swimmers for the upcoming season.

We are tremendously grateful for their support of the Aspen Speedos. We will proudly display their name on the team banner that will hang in the new pool facility.

The Thrift Shop contributes significant amounts to many deserving organizations and we are proud to have been selected by them for their

support. The Thrift Shop is able to provide support to organizations (such

as ours) by accepting donated articles and then reselling them. The staff

is volunteer and virtually all of the sale proceeds are donated.

We would like to encourage everyone not only to donate articles to The Thrift Shop, but also to shop there. Not only do they have a great number of items to sell, but the proceeds go to many worthy organizations.

Greg Karaus

President, Aspen Speedos Swim Team