Thank you, Nick |

Thank you, Nick

Yesterday (Friday) was truly an amazing experience ” at least 1,000 people attended the memorial of our late coach and friend, Nick Alcorta.

I have never seen more love, laughter, tears and wonderful memories shared among so many people from so many parts of the United States. We were brought together by this one amazing man. The individuals who got up to speak were full of wonderful, heartfelt, funny, irreverent, true stories of our beloved coach Nick Alcorta. One young man suggested that we rename the Field of Dreams to Nick Alcorta Memorial Field, which drew a rousing cheer of support.

I will not easily forget you, my friend, nor this day to honor you. Our little valley was, and is, truly blessed by your presence. You can bet that there will a group of talented coaches that will grow from the seeds Nick has sown.

Who am I? My name is KC Johnson. I am one of Charles Dale’s and Rob Ittner’s managers at Range Restaurant. And when I am not greeting you, taking your reservation, or helping you pick a bottle of your favorite wine, I am a singer/songwriter and director of the Earthbeat Choir here in the Roaring Fork Valley.

On Monday, March 15, after reading of Nick’s passing, I was inspired to rewrite a song of mine in honor of Nick. I would like to honor Nick in the sharing of it. For a lack of a better title, I have called it “Thank You.” I hope and pray that when it’s my turn, that I have one-tenth of Nick’s impact on our valley. I was deeply humbled, for what truly matters is not what we take with us, but the love we have inspired and left behind.

KC Johnson

Old Snowmass