Thank you, Mr. Greenspan |

Thank you, Mr. Greenspan

Dear Editor:Saturday evening we had the pleasure of sitting next to Alan Greenspan and his wife, Andrea Mitchell. What an honor to meet one of America’s greatest citizens.Mr. Greenspan was chairman of the Federal Reserve for 19 years. A true genius, he held the position with honor, dignity and integrity. Putting the economy back on the right track and keeping it there, Mr. Greenspan never wavered from his course.He served his country at no small sacrifice. Mr. Greenspan could have made untold millions of dollars in the private sector, yet he chose to serve his country at a time that desperately needed his talents. America and the world have benefited greatly from his service. The benefits continue still.I am honored to have met Mr. Greenspan. For all you have done for America and the world, mere words can’t express the gratitude you deserve. Thank you, Mr. Greenspan, thank you very much.Phil BurnettAspen

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