Thank you, Mason and Morse

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Education Foundation would like to extend our sincere thanks to Mason and Morse for providing us with an opportunity to reach out to our community.

Thanks to the support of Mason and Morse, AEF was able to set up a table at the farmers market on Saturday, Sept. 5, at the Mason and Morse tent and get the exposure so very critical to small nonprofits such as ours. This great opportunity was only made better by the opportunity it provided us to get to know another nonprofit who we shared the Mason and Morse tent with.

Raising a Reader, along with their founder, Jayne Poss, and executive director, Rick Blauvelt, is one of those gems in the nonprofit community. To learn about the great work that they do and to sit with them and jointly promote the education of our community resulted in a wonderfully enriching and successful day for the Aspen Education Foundation.

The fact that Mason and Morse graciously made their tent available to the local nonprofit community is an admirable and meaningful gesture. As a result of this thoughtfulness, AEF was able to reach out to the great crowds that frequent the local Saturday market and share with them our mission: to support our public schools by raising funds from the community. Thank you.

Cindy Kahn

executive director, Aspen Education Foundation