Thank you for the food |

Thank you for the food

Dear Editor:

On behalf of Feed My Sheep Ministry, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all in Aspen for your generous contributions of food items and/or money to purchase food for the homeless.

To all who have contributed: Your gifts of caring and sharing will be returned to you many times over. God will not be outdone in generosity; your gift of sharing will bring His abundant blessings.

Special thanks to Clark’s Market, Joe Myers, Billie Waters and Emzy Veazy for your contributions of groceries and/or your time in tending the table.

This letter is also a plea to all who care to tend a kettle at City Market or Clark’s during this upcoming holiday season. With the help of the Aspen Rotary and other caring volunteer kettle-tenders, our local charities in the valley can rely on the help of the Salvation Army to help them meet the needs of the working poor throughout the year, as “Need Knows No Season.”

The Salvation Army and Aspen Rotary are looking for bell ringers to station outside Clark’s and City Market. We need you to give two or more hours of your time for one or more days. You can choose a time that fits your schedule. Just stop by Clark’s or City Market and drop your name and phone number in the kettle, contact the Aspen Rotary or call me at 925-7071.

To share is to care. So please contribute your time or money! May God Bless America and all of you and your families.

Jim Markalunas