Thank you, Elks

Dear Editor:

I am a current junior at Aspen High School as well as a young dancer, aspiring to take my love of ballet out of my home town and into the world. I have been studying the art for as long as I could stand and intend to for just as long. Throughout my years of dance I have gone away to such dance schools as the Joffrey Ballet, Ballet Society and the Makhateli Ballet. These amazing summer programs have given me amazing training and wonderful summers.

However, this wonderful and continuing dream could not have been possible without the very generous and caring Elks Club. They have supported me greatly throughout my many years of dance abroad and make everything that I have worked hard for come true. This local club has made possible what my family could not. I have enjoyed and improved immensely through these rigorous programs and could not have attended them without their help.

This group has been extremely benevolent to the community in supporting its youth. They bring small dreams alive and the intangible to the achievable. Thank you!

Katie Isaacson