Thank you, Dr. Johnson |

Thank you, Dr. Johnson

Dear Editor:

I would like to say to Ward Johnson, DDS, that it has been my pleasure to work for a wonderful boss. You made the past 16 years very enjoyable and easy to come to work every day. I respect you as a friend, doctor and employer. I will dearly miss working with you. I thank you for all your support and being able to spend time with my family.

I will also miss my co-workers and the patients; some I have befriended over the years and watched their children grow. I will remember all the fond memories and miss talking with you.

For some who are wondering why I left, I found a job closer to home, and I’ll be on the same schedule as my kids.

I enormously appreciate you, Ward and Doretta, for being so understanding.

Thanks, and keep in touch. I’ll miss you all, and I know we will cross paths again.

Tracey Stecklein

New Castle

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