Thank you, bus drivers |

Thank you, bus drivers

Dear Editor:

We all have our heroes in our daily lives. Every day when I board the RFTA buses and look out the window to see a white-out condition, icy roads, stupid drivers, traffic gridlock and accidents, I appreciate even more the patience and skill of the RFTA bus drivers who deal with over-crowded standing room only buses, noisy and, at times, belligerent and unthankful bus riders and stupid car drivers to get us to where we are going safely and in the most efficient time frame possible due to the weather conditions.

Most RFTA drivers can get us to our destinations with the same speed as Santa and his reindeer. Thank you to the RFTA bus drivers, supervisors and the voters who made mass transit a reality. To all … have a great holiday season and please say thanks to your bus driver. Your life is in their hands.

Toni Kronberg


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