Thank you, Aspen |

Thank you, Aspen

Dear Editor:

I am proud to acknowledge with deepest gratitude, this compassionate community that has given me such badly needed support. I have a lot to be grateful for and a lot of thanking to do.

On Dec. 5, I witnessed my friends at my benefit having fun partying and celebrating my friendship while raising money to help me. Through Skype, I watched a magic night for me unfold!! To all my friends and fellow lovers of life, I loved seeing your faces and smiles. I will never forget the cheers you gave me when I talked to you! Thank you so much!! I will never forget that! I had friends come from all over the state and country to celebrate our friendship and show me love! Thank you so much!

Thank you, Walt Harris, my old friend that gave me the use of Syzygy and The Ute that night! His chef Martin put out great food with the help of Jody and Chris from Cache Cache, Ted and Chris from El Poggio, and Kim from Conundrum Catering. Thanks so much for your generosity and talent! Great music was provided by Bobby Mason, Michael Jude, Big Mike Lille from Austin, Frank and Anthony Todaro, Jean Michel and many other local musicians. Having you guys reunite was like a flood of old Aspen on the dance floor, and I loved it. Booze and beer came from Jeremy, Jay, Leanne, Todd, Kip, Jimmy and others – thanks so much for your generosity.

I’m also proud to acknowledge my paragliding buddies and other friends who volunteered their time for me. Some people worked weeks, before and after, the event: Thank you so much for helping me, David, Marcus, Susan, Sondra, Mark, Patrick, Trent, Tomak and Maggie, Alex, Dano and others too numerous to name. Thanks for all the time and energy!! I am humbled by the show of love and support. Thanks for the heartfelt, inspirational thanksgiving call, Lance!! It means a lot to me.

I’ve seen a lot of love in this town with the many fundraisers over the years. I’ve been blessed to call this generous, compassionate community my home. I came here 30 years ago looking for adventure. I found it in the mountains, rivers and the beautiful Colorado sky of the Roaring Fork Valley!! I am blessed to call Aspen my home for its beauty as well as the like-minded lovers of life that live there. Cancer cannot take my friendships that my great life here has given me. It is such a special place for me, and now I get strength from the valley I love so much. If a man’s wealth is judged by his family and friends, then I’m surely a rich man. You people make Aspen special!

My benefit is over, but my battle is just beginning for me. Please visit me at I would love to hear from you!!

Sean Groover

Proud Aspen resident

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