Thank you, Aspen |

Thank you, Aspen

Dear Editor:On behalf of our family, Ramona and I wish to thank the people of Aspen, especially the Aspen Hall of Fame Board, for having bestowed on us the honor of being inducted into the Aspen Hall of Fame. It is an achievement for which we are most grateful. As ordinary citizens living ordinary lives, we are humbled by its significance.In our home is a photo of Aspen captioned, “Aspen the way it was,” taken in 1947. It portrayed an ex-mining town with some proud buildings still standing in bygone glory amongst many vacant lots. Fresh-cut ski trails with a new ski lift held forth the promise of a bright new future for Aspen. The photo evokes fond memories of a time that was filled with great expectations. A time when miner, skier, newcomer and old-timer worked together in a spirit of camaraderie toward the rebirth of Aspen. Today, some 60 years later, our hope for Aspen still is that we never lose that “Pioneer Spirit” of ’47, when Aspen celebrated a new era in her history.Aspen was built on the dreams and visions of the early pioneers. We owe it to our founders, but more importantly, we owe it to ourselves and to our progeny to live up to that dream.Jim and Ramona MarkalunasAspen


What to know about the Entrance to Aspen

Next Monday, Feb. 13, the council will host a work session on the results of the city’s outreach on the aging New Castle Creek Bridge. Next-step recommendations are expected to be announced at the meeting.

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