Thank God (via me) for all of this snow |

Thank God (via me) for all of this snow

ASPEN ” Don’t thank me, Aspen, but I brought you these recent dumps of snow.

I asked the Big Guy upstairs and he produced. Hallelujah!

I’m not the only one to turn to a higher authority to bring on the flakes, though.

Last week’s “First Annual Pray for Snow” festival saw a handful of locals take their pleas to Ullr, the Norse god of snow, or whatever deity they chose.

And the Aspen Skiing Co. got an e-mail from some yahoo who said he could stall a storm over the valley. The guy didn’t want money, he just asked that Skico officials write a letter to Gov. Bill Ritter praising the man’s work.

The Skico said, “You make it snow and we’ll write any old letter.”

Personally, I have kind of a fairweather friendship with the standard “cloud-sitting” deity.

But with my freshly-tuned and p-texed skis hanging from pegs in my entryway collecting dust, I spent some sleepless nights with visions of a winter without snow.

Then I turned to the Almighty and made a bargain.

“God, whoever you are, give us snow and I promise I’ll only write nice things about Skico for the rest of the year,” I said.

I’m a reporter, and a big part of my job is trying to ferret-out injustice, to cut the legs out from under “the Man” when I spot wrongs.

So, my deal with my own personal Yahweh means I won’t be able to do my job effectively. When the lifts break down or if Skico pulls some kind of underhanded land deal, I’ll have to pass on the whistle-blowing.

But these are the kind of selfless sacrifices I’ll make to keep all of Aspen up to our necks in fresh powder.

And you don’t even have to thank me.

OK, so things aren’t going exactly as planned. Highlands Bowl and Deep Temerity won’t be open Saturday (though Steeple Chase and Oly Bowl will be), so you can’t always get what you want.

But you always get what you need.

An avalanche watch is in effect for the Aspen zone Saturday through Sunday morning, according to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. With new, heavy snow, avalanche danger in the zone is high.

Says the CAIC: “The avalanche danger in the Aspen zone is rated at high above treeline on W-NW-N-NE-E aspects. At treeline, we are at considerable with pockets of high on any wind-loaded or cross-loaded W-NW-N-NE-E slope. Above treeline on SE-S-SW aspects, the danger is considerable. Below treeline, the danger is rated considerable on all aspects.

“With the increase in winds overnight Friday, expect to find fresh wind slabs near and above treeline. These slabs will require extra caution if you travel anywhere near them. Both natural- and human-triggered avalanches are likely in these areas.”

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